The Last Day of the Meeting

The 13th Libre Software Meeting is now over, and we’re extremely happy with having participated here. We met so many new people, expanded our network and attached faces to names after years of electronic communication. On a personal level, I’m thrilled to have attended and delivered my talk, whilst also seeing the recent events surrounding Apertus unfold in person. Our core team members are excited for the next steps we’ll be taking and we hope to keep you updated regularly.

We’d like to thank the coordinators of this year’s RMLL/LSM for creating such an important and special event. Here’s to a good future and our next meeting, which will be even more exciting and productive than this one.


Wednesday morning at the LSM

Sebastian delivered his talk yesterday at Uni Mail. Towards the end of the presentation he revealed our plans for developing a camera christened ‘Axiom’. It’s hard for me to believe just how much progress we’ve made from our first meet up, and it’s not over yet.

Oscar’s battle-scarred rig at our booth

RTS Studios Tour

Someone must be hearing good things about us, because today we were invited on a tour of the Radio Television Suisse Complex (the National broadcasting Station in Switzerland). Fun times were had by all involved. The icing on the cake  goes to the moment when we heard staff members talking about Apertus and how it could fit into their professional broadcast workflows.

Later in the tour, we were involved in a heavy discussion about codec support and open video formats. The current state of free and open video formats leaves a lot to be desired unfortunately.



The First Two Days of the Meeting

There’s a lot of excitement floating around as we finally meet each other after years of collaborating online. Countless people passing through our booth have also mentioned just how impressed they are with our progress. So far, the meeting’s been better than anything I could’ve imagined!

Today, our time at the Salle commune de plainpalais has come to an end. Now we’re moving the Apertus booth into our new space at the Uni Mail. We’ll be located in the centre of the main hall, so you can’t miss us. Thousands of people will be moving through here, so the excitement continues.

Outside the Salle communale de plainpalais

Sebastian and Philippe at our booth

Tom’s rig

Not part of our booth, but the RepRap is awesome!


Our Gear and Mini-Studio

We spent today getting ready inside the Salle Communale de plainpalais. Everything’s looking pretty cool before the first day of the LSM tomorrow. Come on down and see a live demonstration of our camera in action. There’ll also be Apertus content displayed on two 3D alioscopy screens and a mini-studio setup with live streaming from an Apertus camera.

We’d like to extend a very special thanks here to Luxan for supporting us with lighting & grip equipment for our booth. If you ever need professional gear in Geneva- our surrounding area- you know where to go to now!


A pile of our T-Shirts

Visiting Luxan for our lighting gear

Inside the Salle Communale de plainpalais

The Apertus booth with mini-studio (partially setup)

Welcome to Geneva

My journey to the 13th LSM has taken me halfway around the world. After 24 hours of flight time, I’ve left Sydney (Australia) behind me, passed through Guangzhou (China), Amsterdam (the Netherlands), and finally touched down in Geneva (Switzerland).

There’s a good vibe here in the city. People are friendly and the streets are abuzz with activity at nearly every hour of the day. I’m enjoying this beautiful ville internationale as I continue preparing for the LSM. It’s three sleeps away now, and I’m waiting for the other Apertus Project members who will be arriving shortly.

This is the view from my apartment:



The Apertus Booth 2.0

I made minor modifications to the booth concept:
-) Indirect lighting with 2 reflectors instead of direct bedazzling of booth visitors
-) the right table and LCD are moved to the side to allow the ministudio to be slightly rotated into the open space, this should make it easier to see what is going on in the ministudio and should allow easier access to the booth in general.

In other news we will also be showing a brand new Dynamic Perception Stage One dolly in our booth.


I received the first sample print of the official Apertus booth t-shirt today. This should make sure people at LSM will immediately know who to go to in the Apertus booth. Yes, this t-shirt will bless us with instant unlimited cinematograhy knowledge :D

The Apertus Booth

So welcome to our new blog!

We created it just to give you the latest news and insights into the happenings at the Libre Software Meeting (LSM) 2012 in Geneva, Switzerland which is just a bit more than 2 weeks away. We will blog live from our booth, post videos, photographs and much more.

We will not only have a major presence there – it is the first ever global Apertus community meeting -  we will also have our own booth and host several talks/workshops at the conference.

Since none of us is a Geneva local we are already in the middle of preparations what to bring and what to source locally where to get it from, etc. etc. But the first step to knowing what we need is knowing what the booth will look like.

We want to have a mini-studio inside our booth with live camera demo and real time image on a big LCD and much more.

Stay tuned as we refine the details.